X11 Forwarding using SSH

If you need to use X applications/GUI over a remote SSH connection via PuTTY, this tutorial is for you. What you need Xming : an X-Server that starts on top of your desktop. Download Xming and install it. PuTTY : an SSH client. Download PuTTY (if using Windows) and save it on your hard disk. Configure Xming Click on […]

GIF98 MagicByte FileUpload trick

We know that in Kali Linux there are several PHP backdoors among those we have used usr/share/webshell/php/php-reverse-shell. BUT you need to modify it by adding GIF98 and save as shell.gif because here you can able to upload only a file with extension GIF, png and img. After changing the extension when you will try to upload the […]

Upgrading simple shells to fully interactive TTYs

Table of Contents   Generating reverse shell commands Method 1: Python pty module Method 2: Using socat Method 3: Upgrading from netcat with magic tl;dr cheatsheet     Every pentester knows that amazing feeling when they catch a reverse shell with netcat and see that oh-so-satisfying verbose netcat message followed by output from id. And if […]

Configure Postfix to Use Gmail SMTP on Ubuntu

https://easyengine.io/tutorials/linux/ubuntu-postfix-gmail-smtp/ If you want to use a Gmail account as a free SMTP server on your Ubuntu-Linux server, you will find this article useful. This guide is tested with Ubuntu 12.04. If you face any issue, feel free to use comments-section below. Relaying Postfix mails via smtp.gmail.com: First, install all necessary packages: sudo apt-get install […]

Adding a user on .htpasswd

I am using .htpasswd to password protect certain directory on my server. However, I noticed that everytime I do this sudo htpasswd -c /etc/apache2/.htpasswd newuser my current contents of .htpasswd will be overwritten. Every directory of my site has their own user on .htpasswd. How can I not overwrite instead add a new user on […]

Kioptrix Level 4 walktrough

Hacking Kioptrix Level 4 Hacking Kioptrix Level 4 July 16, 2017 by Nathu Hi guys! After demonstrating how to get root access to previous Kioptrix levels, it’s now time for Kioptrix Level 4! So the following are the things that you’ll need: Kioptrix Level 4 (A vulnerable system) Kali Virtual Box / VMWare Spoiler alert! […]