Mysql port forward and access from any pc outside network

The MySQL server likely needs to be told to listen to connections from the outside. Depending on which distribution you use, find or create the right .cnf file (typically /etc/mysql/conf.d/local.cnf  or /etc/mysql/mariadb.conf.d/50-server.cnf mysql or worse /etc/my.cnf) with a [mysqld] block and add the line: bind-address = Afterwards, restart the MySQL service (typically service mysql […]

HackTheBox – Sense

HackTheBox – Sense Today we are going to solve another CTF challenge “Sense” which is available online for those who want to increase their skill in penetration testing and black box testing. sense is retried vulnerable lab presented by Hack the Box for making online penetration practices according to your experience level, they have collection of vulnerable […]

Hardening WordPress

Contents 1 What is Security? 2 Website Hosts 3 Security Concepts 3.1 Security Controls 4 Secure your Working Environment 5 Vulnerabilities in WordPress 5.1 Themes / Plugins 5.2 Updating WordPress 5.3 Reporting Security Issues 6 Web Server Security 7 FTP / SFTP 8 Database Security 9 Hardening Recommendations 9.1 Data Backups 9.2 Access Control 9.2.1 […]